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Launch of new social media website is looking for testers

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A new social media website has been launched by The Madeira Times and is looking for people to join it in its 2 week test phase. Membership is free, which provides members with full access to the website. Madeira Active is a new platform that is designed to become a social hub for visitors to the island as well as for those who live here. It has a forum board, a magazine where contributors can submit their articles and an area for groups. By signing up, you can create your own profile and connect with other members. The test phase will end on February 28th, and it is hoped that during the test phase it will produce an area that will become a valued addition to The Madeira Times website which has now entered it’s eighth year of service.

To join please visit Madeira Active 


Weather turns chilly and snow settles on peaks



After a day of blustery winds, rain and even hail on some parts of the island, the excitement grew over the last 24 hours as temperatures dropped, clouds cleared, to reveal a spectacular image of snow! More snow fall is expected tonight, in the highest regions of the island. Even though Madeira is a sub tropical island that enjoys a constant level of warm temperatures throughout the year, it isn’t unusual for snow to reach the highest peaks, Pico Ruivo and Pico Aeriero respectively. It is however, unusual for Paul de Serra to be covered and this year has been no exception as snow settled in Loretto (Calheta), much lower than normal.

BBC, ITV & C4 already migrated to new Satellite



Most of the popular channels have now migrated to the new Satellite leaving expats with little or no TV to watch. Paid Sky viewers still have some channels available, but not BBC, ITV or C4. Although Sky is set to move their entire program schedule it is unknown as to when this will happen. It is still possible to receive some lesser known channels, such as Movies for Men, true movies and some advertising programs on Free Sat boxes. Some parts of Europe with dishes over 3m are able to receive weak signals of BBC, but due to the narrow footprint of the new satellite, changing dish seems a fruitless exercise at this time.

Most people are looking at internet TV as a substitute and can currently view BBC, ITV and C4 on Film On for free and with no subscription…for more information see

Madeira & Europe set to lose all UK TV as channels migrate



The disappearance of UK channels started on Friday with BBC moving first to the New Astra 2E satellite. According to sources, the Astra 2D/N satellite is being decommissioned. Most of Europe will be affected (and some parts of the UK) as the Astra 2E will only broadcast channels using a narrower beam, to reduce the footprint to only cover the UK.

ITV and Channel 4 are expected to follow suit in the early hours of Tuesday morning, 11th February. It is still not clear as to the situation with SKY subscribers, who may be able to receive their paid Movies and Sports packages for a while longer.


Calling all writers…Madeira Retreats to offer writing and Meditation Retreats in Madeira

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Madeira Retreats are offering stunning locations with their accommodation and a  range of activities during their retreat weeks. The retreats are aimed at writers of all abilities to give them a calm, ambient and friendly environment to work in. The holistic retreats offer Meditation and Visualisation as part of the program. Retreats will start in June, with the first called ‘From Little Acorns’ which is aimed at writers who are ‘blocked’ with their writing process or procrastinate more than they would like or for writers new to the craft. A range of meditation techniques and tools to take home are part of the program. This retreat will be held at the beautiful Quinta da Vinhas in Calheta and runs from June 19th to 26th. Booking early is advised and attracts a 10% discount as places are limited.


To find out more about their retreats and the others on offer throughout the year visit

New website just launched that fills a gap in the Madeiran market


A new website has just been launched that fills a gap in the Madeiran market. It has already attracted media attention and was featured this week in a German magazine. The content in the site provides a selection of useful information about the island, events and accommodation.

Visit to check it out!