Todays news in the Diario….

Madeira now has its own snow plough! It belongs to the military and is being kept in installations in Pico do Areeiro, where the new radar was built. The military  man responsible for the machine says it will be kept there to clear snow around the radar installations, when needed, but could also be made available for use elsewhere. As the radar, built for arial vigilance, has not functioned properly since its construction (it was switched on in 2012), bets are on to see which is working first … the snow plough or the radar? Various reports say that the radar will be working before this year end, so it’s probably the better bet. The article did not have a photo of the machine, but I thought the ‘pedal power’ version above might be the appropiate size for our island.
Probably the most useful item in the Diário today … Pingo Doce is selling from today until Monday, Golden Delicious apples for just 0.59€ / KG.
A 30 year old woman, who has a lump in her left breast made an appointment at the hospital in Funchal in 2011, and as yet has not been called. The article was in yesterday’s newspaper as well, but as an appeal for solidarity to pay for the treatment of this poor lady, but as the Diário failed to say what the medical problem is it didn’t really add up to the full story, so I didn’t mention it. For the rest of the news report please go to
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One response to “Todays news in the Diario….

  • Martin

    The lady who needs help with her cancer treatment is an ideal candidate to receive helps and/or funds from the various Lions and Rotary clubs on the Island. That’s what the Clubs are intended for.

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